Sitong Wang

I am a Computer Science PhD student at Columbia University. I work with Prof. Lydia Chilton in the Computational Design Lab.

My research focuses on creativity support in Human-Computer Interaction.

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PodReels: Human-AI Co-Creation of Video Podcast Teasers
Sitong Wang, Zheng Ning, Anh Truong, Mira Dontcheva, Dingzeyu Li, Lydia Chilton
DIS 2024
[Paper] [Video] [Preview]
ReelFramer: Human-AI Co-Creation for News-to-Video Translation
Sitong Wang, Samia Menon, Tao Long, Keren Henderson, Dingzeyu Li, Kevin Crowston,
Mark Hansen, Jeffrey Nickerson, Lydia Chilton

CHI 2024
[Paper] [Video]
PopBlends: Strategies for Conceptual Blending with Large Language Models
Sitong Wang, Savvas Petridis, Taeahn Kwon, Xiaojuan Ma, Lydia Chilton
CHI 2023
[Paper] [Video] [Press]

MoodSmith: Enabling Mood-Consistent Multimedia for AI-Generated Advocacy Campaigns
Samia Menon, Sitong Wang, Lydia Chilton
ICCC 2024
A Design Space for Intelligent and Interactive Writing Assistants
Mina Lee, Katy Gero, John Chung, [et al., including Sitong Wang]
CHI 2024
[Paper] [Demo]
Tweetorial Hooks: Generative AI Tools to Motivate Science on Social Media
Tao Long, Dorothy Zhang, Grace Li, Batool Taraif, Samia Menon, Kynnedy Smith, Sitong Wang, Katy Gero, Lydia Chilton
ICCC 2023
[Paper] [Video]
Metaphoraction: Support Gesture-based Interaction Design with Metaphorical Meanings
Zhida Sun, Sitong Wang, Chengzhong Liu, Xiaojuan Ma
TOCHI 2022
[Paper] [Video]
Know it to Defeat it: Exploring Health Rumor Characteristics and Debunking Efforts on Chinese Social Media during COVID-19
Wenjie Yang, Sitong Wang*, Zhenhui Peng*, Chuhan Shi, Diyi Yang, Xiaojuan Ma
ICWSM 2022
[Paper] [Dataset]
MetaMap: Supporting Visual Metaphor Ideation through Multi-dimensional Example-based Exploration
Youwen Kang*, Zhida Sun*, Sitong Wang, Zeyu Huang, Ziming Wu, Xiaojuan Ma
CHI 2021
[Paper] [Video]
“A Postcard from Your Food Journey in the Past”: Promoting Self-Reflection on Social Food Posting
Zhida Sun, Sitong Wang, Wenjie Yang, Onur Yürüten, Chuhan Shi, Xiaojuan Ma
DIS 2020
[Paper] [Video]
A Student Engagement Evaluation Methodology Inspired from Usability Engineering for Extracting Course Design Requirements
Sitong Wang, Panagiotis Apostolellis
ASEE 2020

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